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Bumpin' in the back room. [05 Jan 2007|03:00pm]
[ mood | full ]

Kaya - Rose Jail

跪きなさい 罰をあげましょう
薔薇色の鞭で 愛をあげましょう

barairo no ori ni anata wo tsunaide
barairo no ori de anata wo kau no yo
hizamazukinasai batsu wo agemashou
barairo no muchi de ai wo agemashou

in a cage the colour of roses
i have chained you
and in a cage the colour of roses
is where i'll keep you!
kneel down before me and i will give you sin
with a whip the colour of roses
i will give you love

"with all my hurts"

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A riot in Shinjuku. [15 Nov 2006|03:59pm]
[ mood | blank ]


Not because my life is that exciting; I just like to know who's reading. If you want to be added then just leave a comment.
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